Welcome to the Place to Grow Your Professional Services Business and Share Wisdom with Your Peers

CARD for Professional Services Peers (CARD for PSP)  is the community to find "wispiration", where you can ask for or share your wisdom with others, and then find the inspiration to take that wisdom and put it into action in your own business and life. In a community shaped by co-creation, everyone contributes to professional growth for you and your business, and we decide together what we'd like to achieve.

Which challenges are you facing in your business?

  • Have you ever tried to solve a problem on your own and just couldn’t find a way to do so?
  • Do you sit at your desk and wonder who can help you with something you're struggling with?
  • Do you work without a team or direct colleagues and just need someone to talk to about improving your business?

Especially for those who work independently, growing a business can be like moving a mountain by yourself. Having the opportunity to interact with peers who understand where you’re coming from, maybe have been there themselves, and bring fresh perspectives to the conversation may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Co-creating a place with the freedom to participate on your terms and give and receive the “wispiration” you can share is what CARD for PSP provides. Wisdom plus inspiration, not just questions and answers, support everyone and provide insights to turn into action for professional growth for you and your business.

What does CARD for PSP stand for?

CARD for PSP is a community of like-minded, like-hearted, like-spirited business owners who are willing to share their insights to support each other in growing their businesses. During each month there are four elements that we co-create in our meetings to provide a basic structure for our ideas. This is the basis for supporting professional growth for you and your business.


Creativity is our focus in one session. Finding new ways or approaches can be very difficult to manage alone. This shared time and space gives everyone a chance to contribute and find answers to questions or provide input for others. Interaction using various methods can provide each of us the impetus to explore new perspectives and discover new solutions. 


During another session we examine ways to be accountable to ourselves, our businesses, our colleagues and our partners. As we may all benefit from different ways of being accountable, there is not just one best system for this. Peers may meet at other times between these sessions for individual support, or in small groups concentrating on specific topics.


We also have sessions to reach out to others in the community to find out more about what each of us specializes in. This makes it possible to give referrals to those we interact with in our business when another peer's competence exceeds our own, or we are looking for other partners to support the growth of our practices, such as help with technology or marketing. 


Another focus is on developing our businesses. The range of topics to be considered here is almost endless. Often we've tried so much, but haven't found what's right for us, or we face a new challenge and have no idea of where to turn for help. This session provides new input and leads us to discoveries that can make a real difference in our growth.

How does everyone continue the conversation? 

Regardless of the option each one chooses to interact, there is certainly not enough to tackle all the issues that may arise in any one session. In addition, we have a private group in Commpolium, a Mighty Network platform that gives us the opportunity to have a completely safe environment with no data leaks, no advertising and no spam. Just a private community in which you can share anything you feel could be beneficial to others and inquire about what you’re missing to find out what others have to share.
In our group we can:

  • Ask for support and contribute to others, commit to long-term interactions for mutual benefit
  • Build peer-to-peer relationships with the other members to co-create everything needed to help everyone overcome difficulties, explore new opportunities and travel the path to prosperity together
  • Cultivate a community of respect and trust to be able to share even those aspects that may make you feel vulnerable without fear of rejection
  • Join a group whose members come from diverse backgrounds, professional experience and expectations for the development of the community

Our system currently allows for

Specialized areas in the network to exchange ideas on each of the four main aspects

Opportunities for members to network and collaborate on ideas of their choice 

Private messaging between community members

The possibility to establish anything that one or more members desire to support their growth and find the best way for those members to make progress

Your Space to Develop

Members of CARD for PSP belong to a community that gives you the opportunity to develop yourself and your business in a way that suits your preferences. We explore possibilities to learn about strategies, tactics and insights. You can contribute to the collective wisdom of the community and take the inspiration you receive to apply in your own business. We support innovation to allow you to make progress and experience professional growth for you and your business . The best definition may be a "success swarm", based on the principles of swarm intelligence: the collective behaviors that result from the local interactions of the individuals with each other and with their environment. There is an emphasis on practical application, not just speaking about theory, but finding solutions that support each member and the group as a whole.

Who Should Join
 CARD for PSP?

You value your time and want to work on those parts of your business you'd like to improve. You may have tried many other options that promised you great results with little effort. You've decided that the place you can grow and make progress is in a community of those who are like you, people who love what they do, but can't always find the answers to challenges on their own. You understand that owning a business means working on it, and working through ideas and plans with others is so much more valuable that following a checklist that may not even include everything you need. You are willing to co-create a special place to provide what you and other peers believe is needed. That means learning, growing and gathering experiences together. You may want to think of it as an acorn that grows into an oak tree. All of the DNA necessary is inside the acorn, but it doesn’t know exactly what is going to look like when it grows up. How a tree grows depends on the soil, the water and the light it receives. Your contributions as committed individuals can nurture our community into something wonderful, and exactly what we all are looking for.

So how can you decide if you would benefit from joining CARD for PSP? 
Here are some points that should help you in your decision-making process:

You’ll enjoy sitting at our table if you:

  • Are willing to commit to the co-creation process on an ongoing basis
  • Bring your best to the table and support others who are searching
  • Are ready to ask when you need something to overcome a challenge or just get unstuck
  • Are FIT: flexible, insightful, tolerant

You may not want to join us if you:

  • Only want to show up sporadically when it suits you
  • Don't offer your experience and knowledge freely to others in the group
  • Expect others to do the work and you just “consume” what is there
  • Aren’t willing to be open, honest, accept constructive feedback and be challenged by the ideas and suggestions of your peers

Join us for our upcoming experience sessions beginning on June 28, 2021, with no obligation, to decide if CARD for PSP is right for you.
Please provide your name and email address here, then we'll send you all the information you need to get started.

What your peers are saying:

Very relaxed, open, sharing environment, plenty of creative exchanging among participants, amazing generosity of facilitators which readily transferred to participants.

Karl R.  //  USA

Co-creating is messy, but rewarding. The structured part of me wants more definition and clarity about the goals and expected outcomes of CARD. The unstructured part of me is excited to not only see where it goes, but to be an active part of helping take it where it goes.

Jill T.   //  USA

Rhonda L. Bowen  //  Chief Steward

 A communication guide with over 30 years’ experience in communicating across cultures, negotiation, facilitation and supporting teams.

As an American who has lived in Germany since 1983, she has worked with people from more than 70 countries. Her own business, established in 1988, has brought insights and support to thousands of professionals. She supports them in becoming more effective and efficient in their communication across cultures. This saves time, resources and effort and leads to better results and higher success in business and personal goals.

All of this experience has paved the way for her to create this community. She is dedicated to groups of people who want to share their insights and inspire others and themselves.
She knows this is the best way to creatively develop communication skills and businesses to enhance both professional and personal aspects of people's lives. 
She's a lifelong learner who is looking forward to inspiring, supporting and learning with you.

What your peers are saying: 

Very intimate discussion of accountability. Every individual shared something and it helped that Rhonda acknowledged everyone's point of view, elaborated some phases of the topic like the business booster.

Sheryll P. //  Philippines

To support anyone in this group I need to know what I can offer that is of value. I hope we will do more of these sessions so that I can find a way to support more coaches.

Wendy E.  //  Canada

Join us for our upcoming experience sessions beginning on June 28, 2021, with no obligation, to decide if CARD for PSP is right for you.
Please provide your name and email address here, then we'll send you all the information you need to get started.

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