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About associates

Life consists of so many pieces, which, when put together, make up the people we are and are becoming. In addition to my professional like, which has been very good to me since 1983, there are other organizations which play a vital role in my well-being. I’d like to mention them here and give you some insights into our interaction.

WBECS (www.wbecs.com) The organization which is closest to my profession as a coach is the World Business and Executive Coach Summit. This fantastic group provides training and community for coaches worldwide. I am honored to be one of those few chosen to facilitate group meetings which take place virtually on an online platform. It is so rewarding to cooperate with such dedicated professionals as we all strive to improve ourselves as coaches and human beings.

UMC (http://www.umc.org) The United Methodist Church has accompanied me all my life. I have had the privilege of serving the church for many years in a number of functions. The most important one is my work as a lay speaker. The UMC is well-known for the fact that not only pastors serve congregations, but also lay people. I have the opportunity to give sermons and lead in worship services in more than ten congregations near my home. This spiritual support not only helps others but continues to make me a better person through the expression of important messages for our lives.

SI (https://www.soroptimistinternational.org/) Soroptimist International is a global association of service clubs for professional women who want to impact their world in ways beyond their working life. Organized on four levels, local, national, regional and international, it provides women the opportunity to bundle their resources and talents to do good in the world, especially for women and girls.

WSD (www.worldspeechday.com) This is an organization which touched my heart and mind when I was introduced to it in 2016. An international movement to help people and give them a platform to express their thoughts for a better world. It is fascinating to contribute to such a wonderful and multifaceted group. I’m excited to be a part of this as the international organisation co-ordinator and look forward to what the future holds for all of us.



“Thank you very much, dear Rhonda! (I found your sermon particularly inspiring once again.) You have a gift for speaking in a way that excites others. One example or another sticks with
people; most people forget everything else anyway. No difficult theological treatises, but you say what really matters, what believers should
do. This is a special gift. And you are fresh and lively. And then you also took over the piano. That impressed me a lot. And afterwards you seemed as if you had only held one service. That is of course a special gift from God to have
so much strength. You can be really grateful. In any case, I am glad that you were there yesterday and that I could also be there.”

B.H. Germany (feedback on a church service in which I preached and played the piano, translated into English from the original German text)


If you would like to become an associate, I’d love to speak to you about opportunities to cooperate. Or, if you would like to know more about my involvement with any of the organizations on this page, please contact me.

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