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Human-Human Interaction Workshop

This program provides you time to meet with other teams and yours to tackle the major difficulties that require everyone’s input and buy-in. You clear up situations that didn’t go well in the past or make plans for the great things you want to achieve together in the future. 

People Engineering Workshop

This program provides a way for a team to spend the time to assess where they are, find their strengths, and build a new future to gain the success through better cooperation. Each member of team receives a profile from Team Management Systems, a company that has produced over 2 million profiles in 20 languages.

Support for the Support Team

This one-day workshop can be set up in several ways. Members of one support team may want to take the time to meet and agree on improvements for their own processes and work or  meet with other support teams they interact with to improve interfaces and discuss goals, processes and results. 

Third Party Solutions

You and your team cannot reach agreement with others. You need to find a solution that is satisfactory for everyone involved. Work with an experienced faciltator to discover the difficulties and set up a program with an agenda and follow-up to help you break down the barriers.

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