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About ME

So, who am I to help you solve your communication difficulties across cultures? (Take a look at About you page if you haven’t read it yet.) First of all, let me say that I’ve walked more than a mile in your moccasins. I was born in 1959 on a farm outside the small town of Wellsboro, PA in the US. We had Holstein cows, you know, those black and white animals with the big eyes that provide us milk. In the meantime, I’ve lived in Germany permanently since the end of 1983, have run my own business since 1988 and worked in and/or with people from more than 70 countries. I’m sure you can imagine how many times I’ve been in situations in which my counterparts had cultures very different to mine: another nationality, a very different view of the world, experience that had little or nothing in common with mine. I know what it means to say something and look into faces full of question marks. I’ve worked on subjects such as negotiation, conflict management, team building, etc. with people who don’t have the language and business background I have. Should we work together to improve your communication across cultures? If you want to learn more, continue reading on the About us page.



“Dear Rhonda, I would like to thank you for our very good collaboration during our coaching sessions as well as your work during my last meetings with my co-workers in your role as meeting facilitator. I very much appreciate your open mindedness for all work-related topics and the constructive working atmosphere you create in our meetings. Your experience outside and inside of the company I work for, your knowledge of human nature and the ability to ask the right questions to get right to the root of issues and finding solutions is great and helps a lot for my daily work.”
M.L. Germany


Studied German, Education and Business Administration at Susquehanna University, PA, USA, and at the Institute of European Studies in Vienna, Austria and German and English as a Second Language at Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA

Plays piano, organ and clarinet

Loves to travel and experience new countries and cultures

Enjoys an evening at a theater, listening to a concert or watching a good film

Is there anything else you want to know? Just contact me and I'll answer your question. 

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Hi, I'm Rhonda.

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