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Welcome to my online home! If you’re anything like most BEST professionals (business, engineering, science, technology) I’ve supported in the past, your workday is full of facts and figures. 

You are very good at what you do. You make things happen and you know what you want: results, a good reputation in your company and your field of work, and excellent relationships with others.

In your job you interact with people from other cultures, e. g. you may be a salesperson who needs to cooperate with technical colleagues, or you may be part of the (international) matrix organization which has various touch points with your customers and/or suppliers.

This story would have such a happy ending if it weren’t for one thing: how do you make sure that you can get your message across to others and understand what they want from you?

Why are there so many misunderstandings when you communicate with others? It’s almost as if there were a little devil involved in so many conversations who prevents good communication from taking place.

You spend so much time making calls, writing emails and having meetings, but the others don’t get your point and/or you’re never quite sure of what they mean.

You hate wasting time, getting frustrated trying to find new ways to say the same thing, and aren’t sure if all this miscommunication isn’t stopping you from reaching your full potential.

All you want is to say something, make sure your counterpart understands, and get their message the first time around. Is that too much to ask for? Click on About me to find out how I can help.



My clients are:

BEST (business, engineering, science, technology)

professionals with education and experience

Focused on facts, strategy and results 

Responsible for relationships inside and outside their company

Active, ambitious, inquisitive individuals who want more

Willing to put time and effort into improving themselves

Can you find yourself on this list?

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Eliminate Misunderstandings

Stop trying to figure out what goes wrong when you communicate. Develop strategies to assure your counterparts understand your messages correctly the first time. 

Express Yourself Clearly

Experts know so much, but others don't need to know as much as you do. Connect with your audience and provide them the input they need. 

Communicate with Confidence

You know what you want to say, but you're not always sure how to do it best. Learn to say what you want to say to get what you want to get. 

Why should you choose Rhonda L. Bowen
 as your communication guide?

Rhonda L. Bowen is the right guide for you if you are wasting your time and energy in communicating with others and don't get the results you're looking for. If you communicate with people who see the world differently; who interact with you in ways you don't fully understand or you can't crack the code to get your messages across, you should speak to Rhonda about becoming more successful in this vital area of your life. (read more)

Mark Erquiza

The member of our team who focuses on supporting projects.


M.D. Greece

Your course was fantastic, in that it helped me greatly improve my (previously non-existing) negotiation and communication skills (I think you were actually planting seeds on our minds that have become plants and are getting ready to bloom).

I can now better plan and prepare from the beginning a negotiation process (with EPO internal and external agents) and I feel that I can lead a negotiation process towards the way I would like it to evolve, rather than let it lead me, taking a pro-active rather than a re-active approach.

I’m also being more assertive in my negotiations, although I’m still to find the perfect balance, as I tend to either be not enough or too assertive which of course breaks down the whole procedure).”


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