Why should you choose Rhonda L. Bowen
 as your communication guide?

Rhonda L. Bowen is the right guide for you if you are wasting your time and energy in communicating with others and don't get the results you're looking for. If you communicate with people who see the world differently; who interact with you in ways you don't fully understand or you can't crack the code to get your messages across, you should speak to Rhonda about becoming more successful in this vital area of your life.

The Value of Communication

Communication is one of the most underestimated skills in today's global and virtual economy. As with many other abilities we have as human beings, we think communication is natural and therefore easy. We don't realize how important it is until it doesn't work.

Rhonda knows why it doesn't work. She's supported thousands of BEST (business, engineering, science, technology) professionals from more than 70 countries for over 30 years. She is FIT -- flexible, insightful, tolerant. She believes that everyone can learn to express ideas more effectively, discover cultural aspects that may not be obvious, and structure interactions in a more efficient way. She works with her clients individually or in groups, based on their needs and desired outcomes. She provides insights and support, asks the questions you may not have thought of, and stays with you through the entire process, 

  • identifying your initial situation
  • determining what you want to achieve
  • creating the measures needed to reach those goals
  • implementing them with you
  • celebrating your success
  • evaluating your progress and other possible goals for you to work toward

If you're interested in communicating better across cultures, using your time and resources wisely and becoming more successful, contact Rhonda today. Together you will discover how to say what you want to say to get what you want to get