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About this website

Welcome to my online home! If you’re anything like 

You may have noticed things on this website that are new for you, even if we have known each other for a long time. If we haven’t met yet, then this page may give some additional insights into my background and life.

The logo on this page is new. It consists of three important elements. Around the outside you see a ring. This is called a torque and is classic jewelry worn by the Celts. There is a lot of Celtic blood running through my veins, from my Welsh and Irish ancestors. In the middle you find my initials in a Celtic font. Between them is a traditional Celtic symbol called a triskelion. You may have seen this in other Celtic art, as many variations of it exist in various Celtic societies. The three “branches” for me stand for the three most important aspects of communication: listening, speaking, processing. This logo was created by I Putu Dicky Adi Pranatha.  If you would like to contact him in Indonesia, please send a message to​ contact forward it to him.

This is my first venture into creating a website on my own. This was only possible due to two very important partners: Thrive Themes for providing the platform and easy-to-understand instructions for me to follow. The most important person who helped me every time I got stuck and couldn’t do something by myself is Burak Özkösem, (https://burakozkosem.com)  This website wouldn’t exist without his support with explanations of technology that even the least tech-savvy person can understand. I can wholeheartedly recommend Burak to assist you in creating your next website. If you’d like to contact him, please ​​contact me​ and I’ll forward it to him.

The two characters move two large puzzle pieces together.



“Dear Rhonda, Today I would like to thank you. Especially last year you always supported me when I needed help. You were also always at my side at short notice, when my career was
filled with small and big hurdles. You give tips and advice when necessary and at the same time always encourage personal responsibility. You have made a significant contribution to my development at work. Your experiences in dealing with conflicts helped me mature! For this I thank you very much.”

E.B. Germany (translated into English from the original German text)


Important facts about this website: 

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Anything missing? Please contact me and I'll send you additional details on request. 

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