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Although this page is named after me and you may think that I only want to talk about myself here, I’m sure you’re not so interested in what I have to say about myself. Throughout the website you find sections called Another Impression. These sections provide you with statements on what others have shared with me about what we have experienced together. To give you more impressions, I’d like to share what others have said specifically on this page. If you’d like to know more about working with me so you will be able to share such a statement, please contact me.

Thank you for your email reminding me to put the things learned into practice. Like I said at the end of the training I changed my email approach with new publishers the next day already. Changing to a more open approach instead of asking for prices etc. and trying to be more of a listener will be the next two items I need to be paying attention to. Again I have to say that the approach you used during the training as well as the actual training itself made it for me one of (and probably) the best training I had at the EPO so far. My Personal Action Plan is still on my desk and not in a cupboard like all the other ones.... Thanks again Rhonda!   P.M. Netherlands

I had my meeting with my manufacturer in Guangzhou, China yesterday and wanted to let you know how it went. Overall, I'd say it was a success. We had our meeting in the morning then we went out to lunch and spent the afternoon sightseeing.  My contact seemed to have a good time and at the end said to me "now we are real friends, not just work colleagues". It definitely felt like we started building Guanxi! Thanks again for all your help getting me ready for the meeting. Even though we didn't talk about everything I had hoped to discuss I felt very prepared and I'll be ready for next time.   C.T. USA

Language and communication professor Rhonda L. Bowen was able to draw each and every student into discussions and it gave our community the feeling of a large family. Tasks were selected so aptly that each student understood that it doesn’t matter what nationality or language we are, the main thing is willingness to listen to other people and try to understand them.    E.D. Lithuania

I had the most amazing experience of learning being in Nettetal for communication training. It was really a good training and I really enjoyed my practical sessions including the cultural and traditional experiences. Thank you for all the expertise shared. I would also like to thank you for your hospitality during my visit. I enjoyed everything from training, hospitality, food, practical sessions and heritage site visits. A big thank you for everything.     K.K. India

Ms. Bowen has an advantage: she knows the IT industry and can have qualified discussions with me about various aspects of this business, such as sales, service, development and legal. After working with Ms. Bowen I feel good and ready to have conversations with English / American speakers in different situations. A very warm thank you to Rhonda for her patience with me. We will stay in contact. I wish her all the best.    W.N. Germany

You helped me to look outside the box and from completely different angles than I have done before. It was helpful to get some new tools and ideas for the future. It was also very good to use German and American articles / studies as this showed very concretely culture differences.  J.K. Finland

Difficult choice. Businessman balance Heart And Mind. Isolated


“Interesting topics, insights into the Anglo-Saxon business culture, avoidance of cultural pitfalls, clear and sometimes even stubborn feedback, packed pleasantly and with a wink and an inspiring, often humorous way of imparting knowledge characterized the hours with Rhonda. I would like to recommend Rhonda to everyone  who still has goals and might need some orientation, a little push or new impulses.”

T.S. Germany (translated into English from the original German text)


I feel it is important to protect the privacy of my clients. That’s why you can only see statements that they have made with their initials and their nationality. If you would like to know more about how I worked with these clients, please contact me. I’ll gladly send you more details without compromising anyone’s private sphere. Please contact me and let me know what additional information you would like.  


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