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What am I doing now? Thanks to Derek Sievers, https://nownownow.com/, I’ve decided to add this page to my website. I plan to update it at least monthly. I will just add new entries as they come along so that you can see the progress that I’ve been making.

It's May 2019.  Today I decided to update this page after missing April. Nobody's perfect, including me. I gave a talk online to a Soroptimist Club anniversary in Ankara, Turkey in April. It was my first live and recorded online presentation, and I could handle all the technology, so I've decided to not only pat myself on the back, but look for more opportunities to develop these skills. I've also started working individually with an online marketing coach after participating in great programs, but realizing that I won't get unstuck and be accountable until I make this important commitment. Look out for more progress and news as my process with him continues. 
It's March 2019. Maybe I should change my timing to once every two months. But I've had some wonderful experiences and made lots of progress. I took some time off and went to Mohacs, Hungary for a great traditional festival at the beginning of March. I'm working hard on getting new aspects of my online business in line and have met some fascinating people at regional events. Spring is coming and life is treating me well. 

It's January 2019. Sorry, I missed a month. End of year activities often make it difficult to keep up with the things we'd really like to do, so I'm trying my best to get on track. I'm working very hard on getting myself better organized for this year. I'm hosting a new workshop on communication for IT Support Professionals tomorrow, which may be a stepping stone into bigger and better things. Let me know if you're interested. I've updated my Where to Meet Rhonda box below. Maybe we'll see each other in person soon. 

It's November 2018. I've been busy with activities to expand my reach and meeting many exciting new people. I was in Zurich and Ulm and could exchange ideas with people who see the world differently from me. This is always an opportunity to grow. Derek Sievers has included this page on the nownownow site mentioned above. Click the link above to see the pages of some fantastic people. 

This is October 2018. Today I am writing my first now page for my new website www.rhondalbowen.me. At this time in my life there are many new things going on. This website is one of them. Another new website is on its way. As soon as I can tell you more about it, I’ll let you know.

As a woman born in 1959, I didn’t grow up with internet technology, I’m facing challenges with re-learning to do my business in a new way. My message to everyone who thinks they can’t start something new: forget what everyone says, get out there, try it and see how far you get. I think you’ll be surprised.

To make sure that people can see where I’ll be in the next few weeks or months, please refer to the calendar entry on this page. If you are also going to be in the same location as I am, we could meet in person and have a great discussion. If not, you’ll just have to send me an email  and we’ll get together online.

I look forward to many more entries on this page and to hearing from you, if there’s anything else you’d like to know about. Thanks and hope to meet you soon.




Hello Rhonda, Lovely to speak to you yesterday. I love how you bring a unique way of thinking and being to the world and how you create collectively accountable community.
Once again, thank you for
being you and bringing your generous nature to the world.



Where to meet Rhonda

2019-05-30 - 2019-06-03

Copenhagen, Denmark 
Vienna, Austria


4 Heroes Conference, Vienna​​​

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