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About my life's work

If you ask someone “What’s the reason you were put into this world and how can you make it better?”, there are so many possible answers. Let me share my thoughts on this with you.

I believe you can divide everything you experience into one of two categories: those things you can influence and those you must accept as given, but then try to make the best of. One thing that was given to me, but I’ve benefited from it so much, is my heritage. On the wall of my office I have a quotation which says, “To be born Welsh is to be born privileged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth, but with music in your heart and poetry in your soul.” In my private life I enjoy the music part, I play piano, organ, clarinet and compose music when I’m inspired and have time. In my professional life, I’m not only a wordsmith, but I help others find the words they need to express themselves clearly and confidently. My mission is to guide everyone on their way to the state: “Say what you want to say, to get what you want to get.” So many people have wonderful ideas in their minds and souls but cannot express them to others effectively. When the person receiving the message comes from another culture – nationality, profession, mindset – then the challenge becomes even greater. The qualities I’ve developed over the years which support my clients most can be put in a short form: FIT. F stands for flexible, which means that I can deal with situations as they arise and help people through them. I stands for insightful, meaning I look with clients into their difficulties and help them on their search to solve their problems. T stands for tolerant. I’ve had the privilege to work in / with people from more than 70 countries. Despite all their diversity, not only in nationality but also in gender, race, beliefs, goals and professional and personal circumstances, I feel I’ve been able to give each of them something that has made their lives better.



“Dear Rhonda, As you may know from your own experience, all my life I have felt that it is extremely unfair that women have usually been treated badly by my fellow males just because they are women. I have made it my life's work not to stand by and refuse to be involved but, as far as I can with my modest means, to support these women and the institutions that help them. After all, I was in a position – as head of a department and only one man out of six in a department in which 190 women worked as teachers – to promote this in my professional and private life and in my involvement in international organisations. Especially when working together with women such as you. Men in particular must not allow the unequal treatment of women to be tolerated. They are the other part of humanity and not dependent on men, whatever that means, and this is something I have never understood. Thank you for being one of those women who has helped me become a better person."

Wolfgang J.H. Ridder, Germany

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