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Thanks for your interest in combining you and me to make us. If you haven’t read About You and About Me, please go to those pages first. It won’t take you long and you’ll understand better why we should work together.

Together, we can find the path for you to walk on to improve your communication across cultures. Just think of me as your guide. When people leave their own environment (comfort zone) and want to discover new territory, they hire a guide. A guide has knowledge that the other doesn’t have and is willing and able to help a stranger understand her environment better. A good guide also knows that there are “different strokes for different folks”, that means, everyone likes to discover new things in different ways. A good guide takes the time to find out not only what someone wants to experience, but also their preferred method of doing so. Here are some of the services I can provide to help you improve your communication and achieve your goals.


“You made it so convenient. Your outstanding tailor-made program made just for us was the key to significant improvement. Our view of what we can achieve with best-in-class communication is much clearer now. We now have just the right tools and experience to go for it. Thanks Rhonda.

We had a lot of fun working together with you. Your approach with pre-reads and follow-up meetings was extremely beneficial. We appreciated your intercultural knowledge and 
are grateful for you sharing your broad 
experience with us. Thanks Rhonda.

You always had examples on hand based on your long years of experience which made your teaching style lively and the learning more tangible. Working together with you was fun. Thanks for that.“

Environmental Safety Managers, Bayer, Germany


An overview of my services:

Think outside your bowl: reserve time to speak with me about any communication issue that you are trying to deal with. There are sessions ranging from 19 minutes to one full day.

ONE CHANCE: intensive negotiation training

POETS: a train the trainer workshop

TEAM: a flexible team development program

CLIPS: a communication improvement system

GREEN: a workshop to plan the future

These programs are also available in German. 

Please contact me for further details.

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