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Thank you for your interest in resources to improve your communication across cultures. Here is the place where I share those things which I feel could support you when you’re looking for new ideas and assistance. Some of these I have created myself, based on years of observation and experience. I have chosen others from various sources to give you a wider choice and direct you toward insights from competent and insightful people with experiences that differ from mine. In this way I hope to provide you with new impulses. If you would like to be informed when there are updates, please send a message then you won’t miss any new, helpful information that I’m sharing here.

If you still have questions or would like additional information, please feel free to ask your question by contacting me. We can set up an initial 19-minute conversation at no cost to you to discuss your question and explore possibilities to help you even more.

I wish you increased success in your communication across cultures. Never forget to say what you want to say to get what you want to get.




"The topic ‘recognition of foreign vocational qualifications’ is on everyone's mind due to the shortage of skilled workers and immigration. A counselling interview on this topic in English quickly showed us our boundaries. Thanks to Mrs Bowen, we are well prepared for the next talks. We were very impressed by
how quickly and in what depth she prepares the topic for the lessons, how lively she is in guiding us through the lessons and how handouts - which can be used right away in our daily work - are created with us as a team.
Rhonda Bowen - a multifaceted all-rounder - ... and an encounter that is memorable.”

B.P. Germany (translated into English from the original German text)


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